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Top tours while doing an Alaskan cruise!

There are many stops at different ports while doing an Alaskan Cruise and also many tours. This post goes over the several tours available while doing an Alaskan cruise or staying in Alaska for a few days.

I recently did a 7-day Alaskan cruise that departed from Seattle, Washington. I did some tours with the cruise company because I had a $50 excursion credit per port but later while doing the research for this post I noticed the same excursions were offered by other companies. I’m going to go over some of the excursions I did at each port we stop during the Alaskan cruise.

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Mendenhall Glacier

Juneau, the capital, was our first stop in Alaska. We decided to do the Juneau Wildlife Whale Watching & Mendenhall Glacier tour. Once we arrived at the port we went to the meeting point where our tour guide and bus were waiting for us. The bus took us to the first stop which was the Mendenhall Glacier one of the many major glaciers in Juneau. We were able to explore and hike on our own around the park. There are several viewing stop points around the park where you can see the Mendenhall Glacier very well from the distance. I think the best view of the Mendenhall Glacier is from the visitor’s center which is on the top of the hill. Also, there is a hiking trail in the park that takes you to a pretty waterfall.

Another tour that I really wanted to do but we couldn’t do, because we got there too late, was Mendenhall Glacier Ice Adventure Tour. I really wanted to do this tour because it takes you really close to the Mendenhall Glacier and you are able to hike in front of the glacier.


In Skagway, our second stop, we did the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway tour. The train ride was really cool and had the best scenic views of the mountains. On some occasions, the train goes in between the mountains and inside some tunnels. it also crosses the Alaskan and Canadian border. The only thing I didn’t like about the tour is that you do not get to get out of the train to hike but other than that it was really cool. If you want to do a similar tour of the White Pass where you get to stop in different places check out this Skagway Shore Excursion: Yukon Discovery Tour.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

Our cruise spent most of the day at sea in Glacier Bay and it made several stops in front of the main glaciers. I was really glad that we had a balcony in our room because I tried taking pictures from the top deck but it was really crowded.


In Ketchikan, we did this Black Bear & Wildlife Exploration tour. The tour guide took us to the Alaskan Rainforest Sanctuary where we hiked until we reached the boardwalk. We waited and were able to see a young bear catching salmon. It was cool seeing the young bear walking around attempting to get the salmon until he could catch one. After, they took us to the Alaska Raptor Center where we had the amazing opportunity to see a bald eagle, an owl, and a hawk very close. Lastly, our tour guide took us to Herring Bay Lumber Company Sawmill to see a master native carver who explained how he makes totem poles.

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