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Top must-do in Denver, Colorado

Must do restaurants and sightseeing in Denver, Colorado in less than one week.

There are so many cool things to do in Denver, Colorado whether you are a foodie or looking to find the best places to take pictures for Instagram. Something that caught my attention was that I kept seeing the number 5280 around Downtown, Denver. It was the name of a burger restaurant and I also found it several times in the gift store. After googling I found on the LuxDenver website that 5280 comes from “Denver being 5,280ft above sea level”.

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Where to eat?

If you are a foodie looking for great food, then you are in luck! Denver has many delicious spots ranging from street food kiosks to upscale restaurants.

I spent a day exploring 16th Street mall which has several food kiosks and restaurants. Most of the kiosks serving street food are located in the middle of the street in 16th street mall where the traffic is blocked to cars. There is a free public bus that takes you from the Civic Center Station down to the Union Station making several stops throughout the day.

One of the restaurants I visited in 16th street mall was Lorenzo Empanadas, a small restaurant, serving Argentinian-style baked empanadas. We had the steak quesadilla empanada and the chorizo with egg empanadas, they were really good. We also stop at the taco connection, one of the food kiosks in the middle of the street, serving fusion tacos. We had the Korean BBQ taco and also the jerk chicken taco they were good too.

Before I continue talking about really good and upscale restaurants just FYI many restaurants in Denver have a 20% service charge added to the final ticket. I noticed the service charge when I was looking at the different menus before visiting the restaurants. Also, most restaurants have a brunch menu during the weekend only and they don’t serve the regular menu while they have brunch.

I continue my adventure by taking the free bus to Union Station which also has really good restaurants such as the Mercantile Dining & Provisions restaurant and Stoic & Genuine restaurant. There is a farmers’ market on Saturdays in the Union Station and most restaurants serve brunch.

Another place I recommend for food is the Central Market which has several different restaurants and a big bar in the middle. One of the restaurants we tried food from was Vero which serves Italian-style pizza. You can select from the menu and add other toppings. The pizza was really good. The bar in the middle has trendy drinks, wine, and beer.

Denver Central Market

If you prefer to do a guided food tour of Downtown Denver, you can check out this Downtown Denver Food Tour.

For upscale restaurants, I recommend Chez Maggy by Chef Ludo and Rioja by Chef Jasinski. 

Chez Maggy restaurant blends French cuisine with ingredients native to Denver. We had the Belgian endive salad, tuna carpaccio, bison tartare, and roasted black seabass with vegetables. Everything was super delicious!.

Rioja restaurant has Mediterranean-inspired dishes with local ingredients. We had a salad, the salmon crudo, seared scallops, and halibut with small potatoes. Everything was delicious also.

What to do in Denver?

Several cool places in Denver are Instagram-worthy. One of the first places you should take a quick stop is the 40 feet tall, big blue bear artwork in front of the convention center.

Big Blue Bear

Another place that looks cool, but you need a reservation to do a tour inside is the house of Molly Brown, one of the survivors of Titanic.

Molly Brown’s House

In addition, there are several cool murals painted by locals in the Denver art district. It is close to the central market that I mentioned above in the restaurant section. If you prefer having someone with you going over the stories behind all the painted murals, you can do this Denver Graffiti Tour.

If you have time you can also catch a baseball game in the Coors Field located in Downtown, Denver.

Lastly, if you want to get out of Denver and go hiking in the Rock Mountains National Park but don’t have a car you can take this Rocky Mountain National Park Tour from Denver.

Ready to book your Denver, Colorado vacation?  Contact us! I can book your hotel and plane tickets! Also, I can recommend places to see, restaurants, and other things to do based on your preferences!

Home » Top must-do in Denver, Colorado

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