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Must-visit places in North Arizona!


One of the main things that might come to your mind when you think of Arizona is that it’s just a desert, but it has many other beautiful landscapes that change during the seasons. Yes, believe it or not, there are waterfalls, trees that change colors during the fall, and mountains covered in snow during the winter. In this post, I’m going to go over the must places to visit north of Phoenix in Arizona.

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Monument Valley

One of the most visited and photographed places in Arizona is Monument Valley. The majestic red sandstone buttes stand out from the distance making it a prime location for western movies. Many other movies and tv shows have been filmed in this location. Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Tribal Park, and you have to pay a fee to enter. One of the coolest things is that there is a trail that allows you to hike around the mountains and get close to them. If you don’t want to do all the hiking you might want to do a guided tour. In this Monument Valley Tour, the guide drives you up close to the mountains and restrictive areas.

Page, Arizona

Two of the most awesome places I have been to since moving to Arizona are Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon located in Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is located in the Navajo Nation Reservation, and you can only enter the canyons by purchasing a guided tour like this Upper Antelope Canyon ticket. In the upper canyon, the Navajo guides take you in their four-wheel drive trucks to the front entrance of the canyon.

For the Lower Antelope Canyon, you also have to purchase a ticket to get in. This Lower Antelope Canyon ticket gives you access to the guided tour. In the lower canyon tour, the Navajo guide takes you to a slot in the ground of the canyon where you have to take a long stair down into the canyon. Once you reach the bottom of the canyon the guide will start showing you the different rock formations and go over what they look like. For example, there are rock formations that look like a lit candle, a spade, a woman in the rock, and much more. If you are lucky, your tour guide or one of the other tour guides might play beautiful sounds using the flute. Both canyons are beautiful and transport you to another world. The beautiful colors and formations are definitely a must in Arizona.

Also, located on Page just a few minutes away from Antelope Canyon is Horseshoe Bend one of the most photographed places in Arizona. To enter Horseshoe Bend you don’t need a tour guide and you just have to pay a $10 fee per vehicle.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is part of the 7 natural wonders of the world and one of the most visited national parks. The south-rim part of the Grand Canyon is located under two hours from Flagstaff. I have only visited the park once and done the normal hike around the top of the park but there are tour companies that offer day tours and overnight camping tours down the canyon. In this Half-Day Private Grand Canyon Guided Hiking Tour the tour guide picks you up at the hotel and guides you on the hike below the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff’s landscape is very diverse with different types of trees that change colors with the seasons. The aspen trees change color to a beautiful yellow in the fall season and can be seen on Inner Basin Trail. I recommend the four-wheel drive to get there, and I must warn you that the one-way road can be a little scary because there are no protectors at the edge of the mountain. If you like snow then you are in luck, locals and tourist go to Snowbowl for skiing and snowboarding.

Sedona, Arizona

Lastly, my favorite place to visit in Arizona and just two hours away from Phoenix depending on traffic is Sedona. It is known for the beautiful red hint color in its mountains and the well-known rock formations like Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock. I love Sedona for the beautiful landscape and the many hiking trails that it has ranging from easy to hard. Also, the temperatures in Sedona are cooler than in Phoenix making it a great escape from the hotter temperatures. For a more detailed post on must-do in Sedona click here.

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