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Must do in New Orleans, Louisiana!

Filled with enchantment and history there are so many must-do and try in New Orleans, Louisiana.

View of St. Louis Cathedral and Jackson square from the ferry.

New Orleans mainly known for the Mardi Gras Parade is a city filled with history and culture dating back to 1718. Influences from French, Africa, Spaniards, and American cultures can be seen in the beautiful architecture on the buildings located in the French Quater and can also be tasted in the local cuisine.

What to do in New Orleans?

There are so many things to do in New Orleans whether you are visiting for a few days or a week.

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Looking to go bar hopping and listen to great music? 

Bourbon Street located in the French Quarter is one of your go-to. Bourbon Street has around 12 blocks with many bars, restaurants, and clubs. Some of the bars have musicians playing at night. Do you want to listen to some history while having some drinks? Then you can take this New Orleans History & Happy Hours Tour.

Another great place that plays live music is Frenchmen Street located about 12 minutes walking from Jackson Square. Not as big as Bourbon Street but is your go-to if you want to listen to really good live music, especially jazz.

Like ghosts, vampires, witches, pirates, or voodoo stories? 

Then I recommend you do a ghost tour, especially during the nighttime. I did the Haunted Ghost, Voodoo, & Vampire Tour at night. The tour guides were very knowledgeable about the history of New Orleans and all the best ghost, vampires, pirates, and witches’ stories that occurred in New Orleans many years ago.

The tour guides took us to the front of different old buildings near the French Quarter and Jackson Square where the stories occurred. Some tour guides also talk about voodoo which from how they explained it, is good more like a religion than how it’s portrayed in movies. If you are interested in learning more about Voodoo, you can visit the Voodoo Museum and Voodoo Authentica store.

Looking for delicious food? 

Then you are in luck there are so many really good restaurants with different cuisines in New Orleans. For delicious classic creole food, I recommend Muriel’s Jackson Square restaurant which has been open for 21 years. We had the blackened redfish with a lemon butter beurre blanc and also the shrimp with a rich étouffée sauce. Don’t be surprised if you stop in front of the restaurant at night during a ghost tour. The restaurant has a designated table with bread and wine for the resident ghost. You can even pay at the restaurant to sit at that table and have dinner with the ghost. (see above picture)

If you like seafood I recommend GW Fins which has also been open for 21 years. The menu changes daily and it is based on the catch of the day they get from local fishermen. We had a delicious lobster bisque that was super light with pieces of lobster in the middle. Also, we had the Scalibut, a halibut encrusted with sea scallops with risotto. OMG, I don’t how the chef did it but it was one of the best dishes I have ever had. Lastly, we had the white chocolate and caramel bread pudding so good.

From what I noticed, the blackened redfish is very popular, and you can find it in most restaurants cooked in different ways but the one from Muriel’s was my favorite one.

Other popular dishes in New Orleans are oysters or shrimp Po Boys, gumbo, crabcakes with a crawfish mushroom sauce, crawfish boil, gator bites, and beignets which are definitely a must. Beignets are like a square-shaped fritter doughnut with powder sugar on top. Traditional beignets can be found in one of the oldest coffee shops located in French Quater Cafe Due Monde. I recommend going during the nighttime if you want to avoid the long lines during the day. Another really good place I found for beignets was Loretta’s located in the French Market which is an open-air market where local vendors sell food, clothes, and other things. Loretta’s is well known for their authentic pralines, a sweet cookie made of sugar-containing nuts, and their stuffed beignets with praline sauce omg they were amazing.

If you prefer having someone taking you to different famous restaurants and recommending different food dishes you can take this New Orleans Food Walking Tour of the French Quarter with Small-Group Option.

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