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Best restaurants in Glendale, AZ to visit during the Super Bowl 2023!

There are several good restaurants with different types of cuisine in Glendale, Arizona. I have lived in Glendale, AZ for 7 years below are my recommendations for family-owned restaurants that have been open for a really long time. Taste different types of cuisines from Italy to Thai without leaving Glendale. Some restaurants have been featured in Food Network Guy Fieri’s tv show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Italian Restaurant

One of the best Italian restaurants in Glendale, Arizona is La Piazza Al Forno. They have the best Neapolitan-style pizza it reminded me of the pizza I had in Italy while doing a tour of Pompeii. The pizza is baked in a woodfire brick oven making the dough airy and the corners crispy. They are also accredited by Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN) an organization recognized by the Italian government that promotes Naples’s traditional pizza standards. La Piazza also makes Roman-style pizza in which the dough is a little thicker but also airy, which I like. One of my other favorite dishes is Frutti di mare which is seafood cooked in a spicy red sauce with linguine. La Piazza has been featured in Diners, Drivers, and Dive. It is located in Old Town Glendale.

Vietnamese Restaurant

The best Vietnamese food in the west valley is at Little Saigon restaurant which has been open in Glendale since 2005. I love their Pho soups the broth is delicious. I also really like their spring rolls and their rice dishes my favorite one is the rice dish with shrimp. It is located in a cute cottage in the Historic Old Town Glendale.

Mexican Restaurant

La Santisima is one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the West Valley. They have delicious gourmet tacos, tortas, and more. Everyone has options from gluten-free and vegetarian to pork, steak, chicken, and fish to shrimp tacos. My favorite taco is la santisma specialty which have vegetables, melted Oaxacan cheese and I usually choose arrachera steak but you can add chicken, shrimp, or mahi. My other favorite taco is Jamaica rose shrimp taco which is cooked with hibiscus. The other thing that I really like is that they have a salsa bar which different flavors you can choose from. La Santisima was also featured in Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

Thai Restaurant

A little closer to the stadium is Glendale Sala Thai restaurant. Is one of my favorite Thai restaurants in the West Valley. I have been ordering food from Sala Thai for a long time. I love their Thai fresh veggie rolls with shrimp and their curry. My favorite curries are the Pa-nang curry and the Mus-Sa-Mun curry.

Then Burger

A new restaurant in Glendale across Westgate plaza opened a few months ago. They have really good burgers that are unique and you won’t find them anywhere else. They also have really good cocktails and appetizers. I had the PIMENTO BACON & JALAPEÑO with the ANML fries. For dessert, I recommend the caramel apple beignets they were so delicious. I will definitely go back to try their other burgers and appetizers.

Restaurants near the stadium in Westgate

Kabuki Japanese restaurant- I love Kabuki you can find sushi, ramen soup, seafood hibachi, and more.

Bodega- New Cuban-inspired restaurant. When I visited they didn’t have brunch at that time. I had the Cuban bowl which was pretty good.

Yard House- Is a sports-bar restaurant that has different types of beer and a variety of food dishes from burgers to tacos and more.

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